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to the pension savings during the transition to receive human intention but it was the amount of the top of each deposit are and where people can get relevant information the chairman of the best the big guy that you get the reported in the single queue of pension funds in the vigilance as it is on the transfer of all savings of the population a single camera system was completed people first by july this year. archiving a pencil cases and cousin stanley finished. besides the full preservation of these documents is fully provided in the sky the german bit of
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insured until the end of the year because of the woodwork on the status of attention and tell. there was a school is cool or what to show you back in two thousand fourteen one from each deposit on the status of the retirement account especially hard when the government in the national bank would be adopted to report on and on the fifth after the plane has established a week in march to permit the level of government and central bank where people will be notified of the particular service center each citizen will receive a specific certificate. i choose both jewels. ministers announced the questions related to the last government meeting in the service of the center communications by the way the ministry of labour said that the real patriots will be able to choose the region to live in and they would not be denied the status of repeat ritz it into a science isn't just about the context was also reduced only in the year they will become fully legitimate copics. you
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can manage it. i actually eat because i eat. my cousin to ride with labor shortages are identified and they will be given the benefits package that provides benefits for travel luggage transportation and they will be provided corporate housing in a sleepy now. he is not palatable to the realization of what is the nexus that means you several cars now begins preparations for the withdraw of shares from k g o c to the peoples ipo in december this year they will be available for the country's population and a second wave of ikea will kick off. as you know still on the alley and excite him. promotion winners who hold shares of this company for more than three years or more. there's a reason to ensure profitability levels deposit of second tier banks our new niece. i see them on the ministry of education has less energy but also taught about the issues discussed in the government it turned out that the program just odi will be continued over the previous years of existence over forty million trees were planted about two hundred thousand
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young people were members of the studio. most people do austen book open on the program finished in two thousand fourteen and just today that the government hour it was decided that the program will be continued within the realm of the budget funds will be provided for the implementation of this program the locals old when she saw my results with it the program when to go changes that will be revised it is known that the ministry of environment protection and water resources would join the program segmentation that attends to the great export volumes to cover minister michael costa says the unification of brilliance the terps will positively affect international trade volumes the grain export wines will be increased to increase shipments to traditional markets markets it has to kenya for the less mature moment of peace come with the ultimate goal is to increase the gringos to satisfy domestic demand at this so we can access markets what is good in it. yes folks know what you've been in the death of those among
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us. some of them. export spring to most of the series countries in turkey china eleven on and some european countries the copper was ninety nine percent of total sales last year has been exported about five million tonnes of grain to these markets. the ministry plans to increase export to seven million tonnes. lee is specious and just for this but it's the ups and then just what was the school awarded were discussing the swap trade options of the russian ministry of culture. moscow's of a big market it consumes about two million tonnes of grain wheat is exported from southern russia proper gotten caught on the road transport cost thirty dollars each. it is better to deliver the great mosque of the ship to grant from the black sea for domestic needs. that structure is beneficial for us. you'll notice even in a crust on the skin the grey one. plans to build a grain terminal to deliver to bring to be in on indonesia singapore malaysia the country's. the chairman of the catholic center in carson show more token i've met with the chairman of
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the house of accounts was in the parliament of the kingdom of morocco article she'd be ideal. he is paying an official visit to the extent the parties discussed the development of cars in iraq in relation to a wide range of international issues of poverty until it noted that kazakhstan is making a significant contribution for further cooperation between europe and asia. he gave a high estimate to stability in the region. morocco have them in a common interest in alternative energy is close to caution the chairman of the cars a credulous hubby to watch a cool book and hundreds of sheep baby let's discuss the prospects for parliamentary cooperation the party stressed that the development of cars that moroccan relations will serve as the basis for stability of the dubai stock or both stressed and pointed and direct the harmony peace and tolerance which are among the party's policy of the president of kazakhstan the chairman of the house of the causes of the problem of morocco said that the citizens of iraq highly appreciate initiatives an achievement to extend the market's biggest test of kazakhstan two thousand to the stage she is a very interesting concept for morocco the parties agreed to develop bilateral relations
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between the price agencies the delegates of the people's democratic party of today to stand in the leadership of note on party discussed in austin on the hot issues of strengthening of their party dial on the first deputy chairman of the party voted on by beck noted that the countries are bound by the ties of good and they will has proven over the years the judge is for representing one hundred and thirty nationalities living in kazakhstan. they are fully involved integrated society according to the zoo which are due to the stability christian intolerance the head of the project delegation us more about the pope emphasized that this meeting is an import for them during the meeting fifteen years of experience of the main party of kazakhstan and the cover model into ethnic harmony and national unity will be studied to guess from the judges then presented activities at the institute for policy school of political management and the ukraine gas will come at the end of the meeting to the front party in the people's democratic party of jesus to sign and the brother of cooperation. we can manage
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and body works fifteen years and we will be the ruling dominant political force in our country as well as your party said the main cast richard unity harmony peace prosperity and tolerance as the president says only unity and harmony can ensure economic growth and development attended today's meeting in siting of the rondo will continue in peta's to the developer of going to party relations the authorities are investigating a chemical attack in eastern province of the demand according to local authorities about four people are hospitalized. the state department spokeswoman jane socks is that there's evidence of chemical weapons use. the rebels claim that the government aircraft spray the cast this year and authorities say that the islamic group from his eye is responsible for the attack. we know that corn is not one of the main types of weapons in syria declared to the organization from prohibition of chemical weapons. your mind and hundreds of syrian citizens were killed in august of two thousand thirteen the chemical attacks near damascus during that period the syrian authorities promised to dispose of the chemical weapons. in usa
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a sixteen year old boy survived the five power play an increasingly aware of a jetliner it should be noted that the plane was flying an altitude of eleven kilometers at this altitude is a severe lack of oxygen the plane was born in san jose to why american teenager was hired to restore services in the white molly airport associated press reported citing a source in the fbi the turn of the boy in the san jose airport climbed over the fence and climbed into the wheel the wealth he has committed such. or was there he was transferred to his rightful guardianship. it is a copy of your resume fortitude in love with the midland asia kazakhstan was of a break the sixty ninth anniversary of victory for the great patriotic war one to get a veteran from jungle region wide eyed somewhat shy of what hear the familiar songs with flowers and monuments for the fall and to remember lost friends. he never forgets the memories of the war the veteran told about the difficult path he had to go through all the memories are hidden in these photos white diamond giant went to
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the war voluntarily after each is finish school. there are five meters until the trench. the timing of last year i just heard the sound and then i saw nothing. i didn't feel any pain when i recovered i was happy to be alive. being a twenty year old the young soldier he became disabled of this group but one again on the battlefield anyone again in the thick of the battle we're not afraid to die they're predicting captured by the enemy. it was a most terrible thing that could happen. i was done and i even had one bullet left just in case a white diamond which i've reached berlin the jumbo region soldier was awarded with the order of one or two of the first degree in the order of the red star for the liberation of poland hungary and romania in peacetime europe is a village to rise from the ruins the race children and grandchildren. today the ninety three or older nurses his great grandchildren. though in this house. i wish there is no war in the world i see many terrible things in this war
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and was very fearful. so i wish people on the one thing peace on earth. today there are only a hundred fifty three she was like quite the talent which i think about. but while they live the memory of those years are still alive they're ready to hope for the edification of the present generation not to be good. what the price cuts for this great victory the latest news is that three w dot cuts out that stevie got kate said the person reading this this forum was recently killed in a lot more than five hundred delegates from classics to santa brought the party. this is forging ahead at a rapid pace in social and economic conditions in the country are improving every year. this is due to many factors in one of them is the strategy of regional development that extent. but the whims of the need to change conditions but not smoking. the presence of urbanization the country
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to continue for the next fifteen to twenty years. this is the long run. the decision and economic development the country has and will continue developing in this direction by means of operation within the framework of the policy regulated and courtney to urbanization. planning to give him my number ones of the declaration her first taste of manufacturing social and cultural studies and one large city. all interconnected into a unified holdings of fighting the connections some of the twin cities also become part of this economic crisis these units into something more that the key to the cause of the mom was kind of logic and an active and it will become the main urban centers of the country the government over striving to courtney territorial plans and investments to be a comprehensive work is underway on the plant in islamic development kit palmer president of the map the reforms directed at improving the business climate in the country they're being conducted but it was for the catholics and are receiving the attention and approval of international positions according to the doing business report for
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two thousand thirteen thousand sin is among the top ten countries that conducted the greatest number of reforms for simplifying conditions for conducting business the ttc. china has announced that an in your speech or they're planning to make it a number of large energy projects including projects in the construction of nuclear and hydro electric stations bridges and ports thus the chinese government hopes that investment in infrastructure related projects. tough to stay with the economy which has been a long slow him down to dangerous levels. the cows on energy projects are still unknown. earlier parts of china made clear that the economy of the country will be shifted from the export oriented development model towards a model of the foundation of which is domestic demand and consumption. in january to march of this year's gdp of uzbekistan rose by seven point five percent to twenty feet its report citing official government data volumes of manufacturing production featuring nine percent. agricultural products and six point five
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percent of services by twelve percent. the state budget is in the surplus in inflation did not exceed forecasts of levels. the largest budget deficit in japan's history reached one hundred and thirty four billion dollars according to the end of the county during the event is hosted by france press agency. this is the largest deficit for the country since nineteen seventy nine which offend again keeping statistics according to the current accepted methods exports or the year increased by eleven percent exceeding six hundred and ninety one billion years dollars imports also increase the seventy point five percent amounting to eight hundred and fifty five billion us dollars the rising imports is first and foremost connected with the need to buy larger volumes of the light natural gas and other types of fuel for the thermal image stations. this is all connected with its efficient operations of all heat and power stations. after the accident at the station professional one two thousand eleven the dough i eye. and.
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did. street. what i read in the inning. it is too important for journalists at the reception staff that was healed and education projects going. he's such a basic and essential growth and innovation and sharing strategies which can procure a calm approach in its eighth straight at you you cannot make out what we want to for expanded to other. and all deceit as it was time to decrease it and it's
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priceless. and also to have been tended to produce as close to the client as possible. so on to lunch and we are and preparing and who would be doing. she looks european energy projects on the other hand we needs the stench of ice smaller energy sources in horror and yes the other approach adopted in pioneering reviews the european summit that was enough to eat. the damage caused by forty nine after his office. not only in the opinions they go to par tay well the top ten hit back to settle for half the bulls may need to take another one hundred and fifty page. after happens to the uk can sometimes take nine to ten months the dvd to speed up the payments. small changes as well said having a ton of money. the very beginning
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when the defense. the effects of tea. with the kids tell him about it especially that existed to sit outside to get back. posco the world's great the fight to the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way have a suspicion i could bake for two thousand and ten at st michael the people almost exclusively bursting at the given such treat patients actually ribs. all this the book but isn't this a therapy practitioners the acidity is key to the eighteen thousand patients this operation such as button called ticket to the hospital several months off of the country and i get the full treatment has received a big difference in taste. back then. the key. it was. blessed us with mentor programs designed to try to
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help doctors nurses and pharmacists this one isn't quite like that the district to stop the crisp rid of the legal costs of a capable phones. it is just full scan of a trip to the lost legacy readers get the wood. you just next door to the hospice nurse the korean protection of footage i couldn't eat thousand and ten. jointly funded by but the koreans and americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle with copics structured well to plumbing electric spike tv computer path and death. he tends not to spare. you know it for the thumb. it was. bill hall in order to get it over the body. the char us aig
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study life expectancy has increased from forty to sixty two. and is there now for what she really into old school textures be held at the top of. the summit review what the whispers top of their institutions the focus on improving education and health care such as free of cost but somewhat textbook which a healthy cooking the books in front of each we get one shot lead after three to five years to protect against all the different strains of flu around the world including possible and ethics like this one. the un backs pharmaceuticals reported to go back to the institute of science in which israel has developed just such a universal flu vaccine flu vaccines till now can target only a few strains of virus so bt are scientists must try to predict the strains that will appear in the upcoming winter season. with its
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sensitivity. since the fall of the nation when they go into this week ring of protection against livingston the thought that if the u s dollar index in the future typically her. totally sterile environment the technician is preparing to back seats that will soon be used in the first clinical trials in humans in utility costs. it was it. it would be exactly. then the participants' blood samples will be brought back to the slaying of any antibodies in it tested. i'm the third thing that can put a product that if they do. it was the enterprise. he noted that the constructive but will the vaccine get effective against the notorious dd influence
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one's project director kylie little did they the wind don't confront our region that we selected the cab fare better for him said oh so but it's white. so to get the fray and behold if we read the official council would be free of course the only way to know for sure is to expose the blood samples from the clinical trials to the actual flu virus is right here in this land over him. all we do not have it the landfill but we're hoping to get in there for the party would begin to get this this field and when should it. any response from the beach. i saved them. i think. david looked into isn't it. tools. it takes a
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different kind of people mention a gift he still spends one hundred and fifty children from a region of south east mauritania. this year. the brands that you can paste the file. this is not enough cost of the dutch cheese to melt the two children. crops than cry thank you. she is not dependent on the weekly supply of corn soy and agree to meet tricia speed mix the sugar and oil from the local nutrition center to feed the children. this in town. this applies to me ms said. this evening influx of non irish children when they usually happy faces. already becoming a martini has launched an agency national plan any decisions quickly happens to be in force in its response. make sure the needed supplies are in place. the challenge remains reaching children remote and isolated areas that these
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costs in spots the pumpkin and pecan tree. next he'll be the story became the best looks for someone to show the typical population to reach because they're completely isolated the coverage of health the sport as it is interesting. it is a region that is difficult because of security. oh that makes publish a bit difficult to access it off with a package of services that respond to their circumstances and that i would like to go to heber city and to invest in agriculture health nutrition services. it is a joint initiative by floyd un agencies including tina said adf am typing in china as well as the government and a networking channels the last three years. it has successfully reached the bottom i just need to come. a package on the tokyo
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touches down and bought coffee from africa and shipped overnight found that it was in france. smart cars manufactured in europe. i spotted cruising the streets of age the ever increasing speed communication transportation and technology all neighbors in this interconnected. a world that it's facing challenges from isis justice the virus can spread some kind of prices from one country to the next saving the world. no one's immune on top of finance agenda is the world's economic health. challenges remain. there is hope international cooperation and partnership and the right mix of economic policies to create the opportunity to recharge education and investment in future. a family of nations each contributing to help with
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the whole. also what makes the networks. she's one of the most mysterious women in chinese history. still notably rubin recorded by the grand historian seen it yet. over one hundred years after his death. she show will go to town. it's a memory or after death. she was as rich. help me to control the private army. she was in its entrances for the concert. she was


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